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    Our ebook webshop closed on 31 May 2021.  You must now purchase directly from

    Your account, user name and password remain the same.

    The ebook(s) you purchased from Caxton Books remain(s) yours, accessible subject to the license terms when you purchased the ebook(s) i.e. if you purchased an ebook with a twelve month license you will have access to the book until this term expires and any ebook with lifetime licensing will remain yours for life.

    The Snapplify technology remains fully supported in South Africa with your easiest support being Live Chat on the Snapplify website above. 

    We will continue to provide schools with ebook details where ebooks are offered as an option and anyone who is currently using this technology is free to continue doing so.    

    We cannot currently issue voucher codes for ebook redemption and clients will have to purchase their ebooks from the Snapplify site.

    We remain committed to offering a one-stop convenient shopping service for all books and will announce our future ebook plans in due course.

    Please email  for further feedback.


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