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    Picture of Fishers of Hope 9780994690234

    Fishers of Hope 9780994690234

    Fishers of Hope - Fishers of Hope Taweret is Lara Foot's first play set outside of the mental and physical landscape of South Africa. To research the play, Foot journeyed to a small fishing village near Kisumu in Kenya. Experiencing a country and its citizens 80 years after independence has enabled Foot to engage with the material unencumbered by a recent 'colonial' or 'struggle' history, ghosts that so often still haunt work set in South Africa. This is a story that ripples out way beyond the shores of this lake and this village. And while it does this, Fishers of Hope Taweret is, to all intents and purposes, an apparently simple story of one household. While it may literally and metaphorically be a million miles from the modern world, as we know it, this 'home' is well and truly part of a 'global village'.
    R 210,00