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    Picture of Via Afrika Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 9781415423431

    Via Afrika Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 9781415423431

    Via Afrika Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 - In this final, exciting year of Maths Lit, you’ll go beyond the boundaries of your existing knowledge, applying what you already know in unfamiliar contexts. You’ll be able to analyse, compare and draw your own conclusions in a number of new situations. You’ll expand your knowledge of graphs. You’ll do multi-step calculations. You’ll gain insight into the world of finance as you learn about payslips, IRP5 and gross income. These are just a few of the useful topics you’ll cover. You’ll also spend time revising past work for your exams, and this book contains all the exercises you need to do your best. Welcome to a year of discovery, of new skills and knowledge, of going from the known to the unknown – from school to the world beyond.
    R 265,90
    Picture of Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 '3in1' (Answer Series) 9781920568702

    Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 '3in1' (Answer Series) 9781920568702

    Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 '3in1' (Answer Series) - This Answer Series study guide for Grade 12 Maths Literacy has been compiled by experienced subject experts for learners of all strengths, for both classroom and independent use. It provides relevant content, questions and answers for each topic in the CAPS curriculum. The Answer Series is your key to exam success in Grade 12 Maths Literacy. This 3 in 1 study guide has been developed with meticulous care for the many learners enrolled for this popular subject. It contains: Comprehensive Notes and Worked Examples for all 7 topics, Exercises and 'Test your Understandings' for each topic and Detailed Answers with Explanations & handy hints. It provides concise, accessible notes, clear worked examples and reinforcement of concepts through graded exercises and tests. This book, a highly recommended, stand-alone guide to guaranteed success, caters for a wide spectrum of learners and stimulates interest and enjoyment of the curriculum content. This book is all you need in order to prepare for the final Maths Literacy exam.
    R 219,00
    Picture of Platinum Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 9780636143357

    Platinum Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 9780636143357

    Platinum Maths Literacy Grade 12 - What makes the Platinum Mathematical literacy grade 12 course unique? Key words boxes, remember boxes, Did you know? and term summaries in the learner's book, enhance understanding of important concepts; worked examples prior to exercises, provide a clear, visual example for learners to follow when completing exercises; margin notes assist learners to further understand important concepts; revision tests after each topic, in the learner's book serve as adequate test and exam preparation; term 4 in the learner's book focuses completely on exam revision and exam preparation; photocopiable target worksheets for each topic provide for additional remediation and extension exercises; photocopiable tests and examinations which satisfy CAPS formal assessment requirements; all formal assessments are fully photocopiable and have detailed memoranda attached. Platinum - simply superior: Superior CAPS coverage and written by expert authors; superior illustrations and activities to improve results and motivate learners; superior teacher support to save time and make teaching easy, including photocopiable worksheets; superior quality = exam success!
    R 279,00