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    Picture of Sakohlulwa ziindudumo 9781919909349

    Sakohlulwa ziindudumo 9781919909349

    Sakwahlulwa Ziindudumo - This book is about Nzima and Nomhi who fell in love at an early age, they went to the same school and passed matric in the same year but Nzima could not study further because of his father's illness.
    R 170,00
    Picture of Xhosa for Second-Language Learners 9780620375320

    Xhosa for Second-Language Learners 9780620375320

    Xhosa for Second-Language Learners - A handbook, reference book and classroom textbook that may be used from senior school through to university and beyond; a comprehensive reference that covers all aspects of the Xhosa language in one book; everything a student wants and needs - explained simply and concisely in English; designed to be used either for classroom-based or home-based study and may be used in combination with any other Xhosa text; provides learners with comprehensive set of practical, user-friendly notes that are non-threatening and that explain the Xhosa language in a clear, concise and accessible way that helps learners gain a sound understanding of the structure of Xhosa; uses a combination of outcomes-base and conventional linguistic methods of teaching and learning, including a collection of sources for both Xhosa arts and culture or as enrichment material; a constant source of reference with a comprehensive set of notes where looking up a concept from phrases to vocabulary has been made easy, giving the student the competence and confidence to construct sentences correctly.
    R 595,00
    Picture of Vuleka Mhlaba 9781107524552

    Vuleka Mhlaba 9781107524552

    Vuleka Mhlaba
    R 96,00