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    Picture of Green Man Flashing 9780620458252

    Green Man Flashing 9780620458252

    Green Man Flashing - It is six weeks before the country’s second elections in 1999. Gabby Anderson, a white personal assistant, alleges she has been raped by her boss, a black, high-profile government minister with an impeccable anti-apartheid struggle record. Sent to persuade her not to go through with the charges is Gabby’s former husband, Aaron Matshoba, the party’s major trouble-shooter.How do past tensions between Aaron and Gabby affect the situation? What does Inspector Abrahams know that will impact on Gabby’s attitude? How will her lawyer and long-time friend Anna advise Gabby, and why? What will Gabby be offered in exchange for dropping the charges? What will she decide? Green Man Flashing is a fast-paced political thriller that takes on the challenge of deep moral and political questions for which there are no ready answers, and certainly no easy ones. In a remarkable instance of life imitating art, the events depicted in the play were to become real-life drama in all the South African news media.

    After Athol Fugard’s early work, Mike van Graan is South Africa’s finest working playwright.
    R 280,00
    Picture of Uhm... 9780994679116

    Uhm... 9780994679116

    Uhm... - "Uhm ... follows the journey of Coceka, a young Xhosa master’s student who is at odds with herself as she tries to complete her master's dissertation while simultaneously interrogating her identity. She immerses herself in a subconscious world where three historical figures, Queen Victoria, Cecil John Rhodes and Sol Plaatje, are incessantly vying for her attention as each tries to influence her. Uhm... explores language hierarchies, identity politics and the taxing effects of being a black body in white, hegemonic spaces where African or indigenous knowledge is disregarded in favour of Western ideals." --Cover.
    R 184,00