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    Picture of Xhosa for Second-Language Learners 9780620375320

    Xhosa for Second-Language Learners 9780620375320

    Xhosa for Second-Language Learners - A handbook, reference book and classroom textbook that may be used from senior school through to university and beyond; a comprehensive reference that covers all aspects of the Xhosa language in one book; everything a student wants and needs - explained simply and concisely in English; designed to be used either for classroom-based or home-based study and may be used in combination with any other Xhosa text; provides learners with comprehensive set of practical, user-friendly notes that are non-threatening and that explain the Xhosa language in a clear, concise and accessible way that helps learners gain a sound understanding of the structure of Xhosa; uses a combination of outcomes-base and conventional linguistic methods of teaching and learning, including a collection of sources for both Xhosa arts and culture or as enrichment material; a constant source of reference with a comprehensive set of notes where looking up a concept from phrases to vocabulary has been made easy, giving the student the competence and confidence to construct sentences correctly.
    R 595,00